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Tobie Hoffman


You are invited to celebrate the multiplicity of me: a curious, playful, soulful, irreverent observer and chronicler of life.  Throughout my life, my joy has been to create. It might be dance.  Satirical theater. Or using  family memories. And music of all kinds.   This collection is my gift to share with you.

Enter to discover all that I’m passionate about:  humor, politics, spiritual seeking, Torah wisdom, satire, love. Meet my family and friends. Hop on the bus to cheer on a favorite Olympic athlete.  Join in protesting injustice. Feel the ups and downs of a baseball season or travel back through the Civil War.  All of these  are surprises to open and enjoy.

There will be more presents added over time for you to unwrap, so do return.

And yes, re-gift.

Let the Party begin!




Organizations Links

Peoples Music Network for Songs of Freedom and Struggle
Hosts regular online programs each month including online song and poetry swaps, educational workshops, and other participatory activities.

Philadelphia Area Songwriters Alliance
Provides an environment for the nurturing of songwriting craft and performance.

P’nai Or Jewish Renewal Congregation
Our members seek a deep, personally meaningful approach to Judaism.

Voices Rising Philly Facebook page
VRP sings at rallies to protest and demonstrate for progressive causes.

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