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Some people know me as a dancer. Some know me as a singer. And songwriter. A religious service leader and lover of Jewish life. A neighbor to ask about the next election. And still others know me as sister, aunt, cousin, friend.

Most of all, I am a generous gift giver of my talents in whatever form they show up.

Through childhood, I honed my performing skills telling stories through movement and music on stage, at my Jewish summer camp, and in the Israeli folk dance group that I helped to found with my friends. All this propelled me to study dance choreography and theater at Ohio State University and Fairhaven College in Bellingham Washington.

The 1980s,

In the 1970s and 80s the dance world was an explosion of experimentation, avant guard theater and for me a most significant collaboration with Fanchon shur director of Growth in Motion and Bonia Shur  theLiturgical Arts Director at Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their commitment to elevating Jewish women’s voices through music and dance was my introduction to the emerging world of Jewish feminism.  We took this message throughout the US, an awakening of my  love of ritual and spirited Jewish prayer as potential for creativity.

Through a chance encounter with a friend in Washington DC, I was introduced  to the musicians in the People’s Music Network Songs of Freedom and Struggle. In that first  weekend Gathering I joined in songs of peace and  protest with the likes of Pete Seeger, Charlie King, Magpie, Greg and Kim Harris. Great music. Great messages. Great folks..

It was my involvement with the big-hearted musicians in PMN and then the welcoming Philadelphia Area Songwriter Alliance that jumpstarted my song writing. Through these communities, I found ways to both write and share my own observations about family, friends, politics, love, loss, and prayer.

Prayer. Remember that summer camp?  Besides creating a community of friends that I am still connected with to this day, there were  years of  performing by the riverside, song writing for team competitions, folk dancing, learning a song a day.  Dance + Music+ Friendship+ Social Justice added up to the many influences that are still active in my life.

All of these I found in my new neighborhood of Mt. Airy Philadelphia  and the P’nai Or Jewish Renewal Community i These are places where all has come together.  My love of Tikkun Olam-Repair of the World. My love of storytelling and community


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