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A Nation To Unite -My Journey into American History

A Nation to Unite


History for me was always boring lists of battles, speeches, names to memorize, and then forget. Immersing first into the Civil War for the 150th Commemoration events and and some in the Revolutionary War, I experienced history through the lives of re-enactors, guides and historians who give these periods in American history a new life. You might want to start with Why this blog? listed in 2015. Then be part of the conversation by sharing your thoughts, knowledge, and experiences.

Tobie at the Olympics

Tobie Goes to the Olympics and more!


This blog began as a way to record my musings about preparations and travels to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada February 16-27, 2010. From that amazing experience came an ongoing story of becoming a sports fan. You can follow my tales of awe, agony, and all the emotions in between as well as view pics from seasons of Phillies baseball. Along the way is a little Eagles football thrown in for fun, and even some astronomy and weather related tales. I feel lucky to have witnessed some historic games, some heartbreaking losses, but all wonderful experiences from this new fan’s point of view.

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