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Herb Levine and Ellen Frankel  held Purim dinners where everything we ate started with one letter.

Purim  March 2002 / Adar 5762   the letter was P

Eat The Whole Megillah  by Tobie Hoffman 

“It is a mitzvah to devour Haman with open mouth”

Ahashverus was a mighty big eater Had a wife and couldn’t keep her

He called her ‘pumpkin’ she said, “So long” Cause he wanted her to come out wearing only a thong

Mordecai at the gate of the regal eater Had a niece, he did entreat her

“Oh my little ‘pumpkin’ go to the king. Come back wearing a diamond ring”

Eat eat the whole megillah,  Eat eat the whole megillah  Eat eat the whole megillah

Until it fills you up

Esther married the extravagant eater Had dozens of servants trained to feed her

They fed her stories of plots to come She hatched a plot of her own 

That had to be won



When you have a party, who do you invite? Do you have it in the morning or late at night?

What you serve to your guests, it all depends   Whether they are your enemies or your friends


Haman was advisor to the mighty leader Ran to Esther’s party so he could meet her

He thought that feast for him was served Whoa! He got was what he deserved

That’s  the story of Persia’s eaters Esther’s fiesta made our lives much sweeter.

She managed to come right out of her shell Thanks to her we’re here to tell



When there is a  party, plan every detail Cause it might be a story which others regale

Be careful about bragging that you are the star Or you might get hoisted by your own petard!

Eat  eat the whole megillah,  Eat  eat the whole megillah  Eat eat the whole megillah

Until   it fills you  up     YUM

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