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A testament

I bequeath all my worldly goods to my mother

And father

And  big sister

In the bottom  drawer of my dresser 

You know the one under the window with the flowery curtains 

On top is the picture of my kindergarten graduation

I loved that picture

I won an award for perfect attendance

And there was a funny border around the edge of the paper

It made me laugh

 See  I’m smiling in the picture

That is for my  mother.  She was there smiling back 

In the bottom drawer  is a pouch I made in second grade

Like the one I made for my friend

Who sat next to me every year

If you find her pouch,  remember it was from me 

I liked it so much I made another one

I hid pennies and nickels in it that I found on the ground

Do you know how many pennies and pieces of string you can find if you  bend down  and  look really close to the ground

2 dollars and a ribbon in that pouch

I leave to my cousin

He goes to another school

He’s lucky that way

And oh

I almost forgot

I leave my tie dyed shirt, you know the one I wore on my first day of school this year

And my last day 

You decide who gets to keep it.

Please  don’t wash out the blood. It is the only part of my friend that is left. 

 May 30 2022  Tobie Hoffman

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